support staff

Provisional interior designers, engineers and architects for site projects, to monitor and support on going site managements.Our company can carry out all works in strict accordance with in-house project control procedures, which cover project management, planning, scheduling, management, man-hour and cost monitoring and progress control, technical performance and productivity, control of changes and installation.

We can manage projects using a cost, resource, time and activity monitor for controlling changes, with the project schedule and budget.

We can monitor and control project progress, technical performance and productivity for each activity in order to ensure that the work for each activity satisfies the project Scope of Work.

Our definition of Project Quality Assurance is the ability to control the production process by planned and systematic actions that provide adequate confidence that all work carried out will satisfy project requirements for project control, technical content and construction ability.

Our definition of Project Quality Control is the process of operational techniques and activities, not to be confused with routine control and design verification of work carried out during the production process, which identifies any non-conforming work after completion of the work.

We conduct regular reviews to ensure that all work is produced in compliance with the Project Scope of Work, as well as with all relevant internationally recognized codes and standards of practice;

We carry out routine audits of design, production and installation;

We check design and installation interfaces to ensure that all work satisfies the project requirements for:


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